Photographs I did not take at places I have stood.

NET ART - 2009

This is the second of a suite of three pieces that utilizes Google's web services in its execution.

You can view the piece here.

Since 2007 Google has been sending out cars equipped with cameras and computers to drive every major (and minor) road in America. These cars are taking geotagged photographs to correspond with locations on their free web based mapping service. The goal: click a spot on a map and see a photograph of that place.

While this service is useful to get a sense of a location before you go there, I found myself using it to revisit places from my past.

A literal stroll down memory lane.

Some were places where I grew up, others were places where important things happened, and some were just places that I just wanted to see again. For each, my memory of the place differed from the photograph they took. This was either because the place itself changed or it just wasn't how I remembered it.

This piece is about the experience of the difference. Our memory against someone else's.