A beam of light, creating the event.


The older I get, the number of times I wish I had a time machine seems to be increasing. To be able to slow down or relive moments sentimentally, to stand in a place and watch everything that happened there before, to edit or remove painful experiences, I wish I could master it. People, places, feelings, things, forever.

Light and time are connected. We know this. Video at its core, is light plus time. Different images moving through the same screen, occupying the same space created by a shifting cathode ray tube. A beam of light moves across the screen, creating the images and creating time.

The idea of moving through time but staying in the same space is a central theme explored in H.G. Wells’, The Time Machine. Cutting and re-ordering the words and moments from the 1960 movie, this piece is a meditation on the themes of video, time and time travel. Simultaneous timelines, audio and video streams, video editing, and the beam of the cathode ray tube all form the mechanical parts of my own personal time machine.